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The Arrogance of Fixing

We’ve all wanted to help friends or family members through a tough situation, right? Our hearts are in the right place; we truly want to make their lives better, easier. That’s a good thing – if we choose to help in a way that actually benefits them. Check out Kate Larsen’s blog on The Arrogance […]

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Three Aha! Moments to Change Your Life

As a coach, I get to work with fascinating, complex and brilliant leaders. I can’t help but be overjoyed when a client begins to recognize negative self-talk and transform it into encouraging words of wisdom. It can be life changing!  Here are Three Aha! Moments that we can all learn from.  

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The Most Important Step to Complete Huge Projects

A client recently described the challenges in moving a project forward because many stakeholders were concerned the objective would not be met by their stated deadline in the future. Understandable, since they are working on a statewide initiative that must meet nationally regulated standards—a huge, months-long project. It wasn’t the difficulty of the tasks or […]

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