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Compendium of Health & Wellness Coaching

On May 19 ,2017 the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine published our article entitled “Compendium of health and wellness coaching literature.”   The paper is available to all as an open-access publication and can be found at: The Compendium is a thorough collection of peer-reviewed literature on the topic of health and wellness coaching (HWC).  […]

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A “Digital Therapy” Using Wellcoaches Model

FareWell Pilot Results In a February 16, 2017 release, Dr. Mark Berman (Head of Health at FareWell Company) shared the results of pilot testing a new digital platform providing a means for weight loss, using Wellcoaches trained coaches.  FareWell is a physician-led program to help people improve health by making lasting changes to diet and […]

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Review of Important Publication – h2U

by G.A. Sforzo, Ph.D., Wellcoaches Research Advisor Outcomes Across the Value Chain is a peer-reviewed article published in July 2016 examining a corporate wellness intervention for over 150,000 employees.  Health coaching was offered only to those employees at greater risk meaning about 49,500 were eligible.  After learning about health coaching about half decided to give […]

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