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Becoming a Coach: Mastery Comes from Masters

As the coaching industry expands, the choices of schools, programs and philosophies has grown exponentially. However, becoming a coach is about much more than studying a set of skills and then applying them scientifically to another person. Becoming a coach is as much about personal transformation as it is professional growth. To become a coach, […]

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(Feature from Dr. Oz) The New Slim Down Secrets?

This story originally appeared in the November 2015 issue of Dr. Oz The Good Life.​ The New Slim-Down Secrets? A growing army of health ‘coaches’ could bring success — or waste your money. What to know now. By Kristen Dold Slim-Down Secrets Way back when, the idea of a life coach seemed bizarre. Paying someone […]

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Why do I need coaching skills to be a better Personal Trainer?

We chose this profession because we want to help our clients develop and sustain fit lifestyles. One-on-one personal training helps many but often falls short with people who have difficulty sticking with a program. Just like people who go on diets and soon regain the weight they lost, many training clients start out enthusiastically but […]

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